2A Sanctuary State Petition

Join Citizens Alliance of Idaho in urging our lawmakers to make Idaho a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.

In recent developments, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an emergency order that temporarily bans firearms from being carried in public in Albuquerque. Her order raises serious concerns about the erosion of our constitutional rights, particularly our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

In response to this threat to our constitutionally protected freedoms, Citizens Alliance of Idaho is calling upon all Idahoans to sign the official petition to declare Idaho a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.

What is happening in New Mexico is dangerous, unconstitutional, and very disturbing. We need our state legislature to declare Idaho a 2A sanctuary state AND enact legislation making it clear that no Governor of Idaho should even think about suspending our constitutional rights, especially one so fundamental and vital for self-defense.

The Pledge makes it clear that we will support our protected right to self-defense

Please fill out this form to join our efforts in preserving our shared values.