Citizens Alliance of Idaho is an advocate for our shared Idaho values, regardless of party affiliation. That’s because all of our actions revolve around The Pledge: 10 simple commitments inspired by the Idaho State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. When an Idaho lawmaker signs The Pledge, they promise to uphold the following:

As an Idaho legislator I will...

Vote to support our protected right to self defense.

Vote to support individual medical freedom and privacy.

Vote to support election integrity.

Vote to support expanding education freedom.

Vote to support our protected right to due process.

As an Idaho legislator I will not...

Vote to suppress the speech of citizens or their ability to peacefully assemble.

Support executive government lockdowns of businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Vote for any tax or fee increase.

Vote for any budget or spending bill that expands government.

Vote to give any new power to the federal government.

How was The Pledge created?

The Pledge was inspired by the Idaho State Constitution’sDeclaration of Rights” and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, because these two documents outline the set of rules and values which all Idaho citizens have agreed to live by. These 10 commitments set a reasonable, fair and clear standard by which Idahoans can judge their elected officials.

This contract between legislators and their constituents is written down and in full public view for anyone who wants to see it. No tricks and no spin. In fact, we invite all legislators from all political parties to meet with us and learn more about The Pledge and become signers.  

Signing The Pledge is a sign of loyalty to these values, not a pledge of loyalty to an organization or any special interests. If anything, the only special interests represented by the Pledge are the citizens of Idaho. 

How do I know if my lawmaker has signed The Pledge?

Citizens Alliance of Idaho asks all 70 Idaho state representatives and 35 state senators to sign The Pledge.  Sign up to become a Citizen Pledge Champion to receive regular updates on Pledge Signers and whether your lawmaker is voting to uphold their commitment. 

What happens when a lawmaker signs The Pledge?

Lawmakers who honor the Pledge receive intense support in their district, including:

  • Digital and print advertising on lawmaker votes and issues stances
  • Thank you notes, emails and phone calls from constituents
  • Voter education on key issues that align with The Pledge
  • Townhall opportunities
  • Realtime legislative alerts to constituents

What happens when a lawmaker betrays or ignores The Pledge?

When a lawmaker signs The Pledge, they agree to be held publicly accountable. When they break this agreement we make sure their constituents are aware, utilizing tools such as:

  • Digital and print advertising on lawmaker votes and issues stances
  • Letter, email and text updates on their voting record 
  • Realtime legislative alerts to constituents 
  • Educational videos, cartoons and infographics

How does CAI score lawmakers?

CAI uses a simple “stoplight” rating system to score a lawmaker’s standing with The Pledge.

Good Standing

Legislators in this zone are committed to upholding The Pledge and working hard defending Idaho values.

Questionable Standing

Legislators in this zone are showing signs of abandoning The Pledge and need encouragement to keep defending Idaho values.

Bad Standing

Legislators in this zone have chosen to ignore or abandon The Pledge and should be questioned if they are aligned with Idaho values and the oath they took to uphold the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions.

Our goal is to bring honesty and integrity back to Idaho politics. True to our mission, we provide ample opportunity for Pledge Signers to have input into the scoring process. We host periodic check-ins during the legislative session where lawmakers can push back on how we score individual bills by providing different perspectives on legislation. For Pledge Signers in bad standing, we host virtual town halls with their constituents where they have a chance to defend their voting record as it relates to The Pledge in a respectful and civil environment. 

Why is my lawmaker in Bad Standing even though they vote just like someone in Good Standing?

The simple answer is because they have refused to sign The Pledge. Our Good Standing label is only for those who have signed The Pledge and vote to support it. 

If you know your lawmaker would be in Good Standing, encourage them to sign The Pledge, to stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow like-minded colleagues and stand tall for our shared values . After all, we ride together. 

We ride together. Will you ride with us?