Citizens Alliance of Idaho was started by a group of Idaho citizens who wanted to see some type of positive change in Idaho politics. In wanting to be a voice of reason in a hyperpolarized environment, the best natural starting point was to focus on the only two documents that every Idahoan has agreed to live by: The Idaho State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. These are the only two documents that provide the rules for how legislators agree to govern along with the expectations of the citizens they represent. We couldn’t think of a more fair and civic-minded roadmap.
These foundational documents inspired 10 statements that we believe when a legislator votes in alignment with, can make Idaho the most prosperous and respectful state in America. A state where the American Dream is not only alive and well, but achievable, for everyone – no matter their background.

We wanted to create a tool that we could adopt that would provide commitment and accountability to these statements. After much discussion, we found a fair, reasonable way forward rooted in common sense by creating a Pledge to accomplish the following:

  • Commitment: We want legislators to state in writing, with simple commitments, how they will govern.
  • Accountability: We want legislators who are willing to be held publicly accountable to this agreement.
  • Values: We want legislators who represent our values with integrity while in Boise, so we have an honest representation of our values that other Idahoans can fairly judge us by. 

We turned the statements into The Citizens Alliance of Idaho Pledge

As an Idaho legislator I will...

Vote to support our protected right to self defense.

Vote to support individual medical freedom and privacy.

Vote to support election integrity.

Vote to support expanding education freedom.

Vote to support our protected right to due process.

As an Idaho legislator I will not...

Vote to suppress the speech of citizens or their ability to peacefully assemble.

Support executive government lockdowns of businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Vote for any tax or fee increase.

Vote for any budget or spending bill that expands government.

Vote to give any new power to the federal government.

We don’t expect everyone in Idaho to agree with everything in The Pledge. That’s not our goal.  Our goal is to find legislators who will perform an act of political integrity and courage by making a public commitment to represent us and our values in Boise. That’s it. No ulterior motives. No games. No extreme antics. 

We work hard to make sure that all Idahoans can see us holding our legislators to a higher standard of integrity. We boldly and publicly place our beliefs in writing and strive to lead with transparency and integrity as we hold our legislators accountable. Everything we do and everything we stand for is stated right here on our website because we believe this is a fair and honest process for all, even those who don’t agree with us.

Our confidence in being so transparent comes from our strong belief that our values represent the best of Idaho. And when they are genuinely represented in Boise, we believe Idaho will be a beacon of liberty, equality and prosperity that will shine across the nation.  

The only special interests we represent are those of Idahoans that share our values. And being special, we believe these folks deserve a legitimate voice in Idaho politics.

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