If you are a sitting Idaho legislator or a declared candidate for the Idaho House or Senate, you can sign The Pledge at any time.  

As a legislator of the great state of Idaho, I ___________ do hereby declare that I will honor and uphold the Citizens Alliance of Idaho Pledge as stated below:

As an Idaho legislator I will...

Vote to support our protected right to self defense.

Vote to support individual medical freedom and privacy.

Vote to support election integrity.

Vote to support expanding education freedom.

Vote to support our protected right to due process.

As an Idaho legislator I will not...

Vote to suppress the speech of citizens or their ability to peacefully assemble.

Support executive government lockdowns of businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations.

Vote for any tax or fee increase.

Vote for any budget or spending bill that expands government.

Vote to give any new power to the federal government.

I expect and welcome my constituents to hold me accountable for my legislative votes and actions in accordance with The Pledge.

Are ready to take on the challenge of signing The Pledge and working to uphold your commitment to preserving Idaho’s shared values?

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