Legislative Candidate Survey 2024

Please allot 30 minutes to complete survey. 

In order to be considered for an endorsement from Citizens Alliance of Idaho for your upcoming election, you must sign The Pledge and complete in full, this candidate survey. Citizen Alliance of Idaho’s mission is to empower Idaho through a citizen legislature accountable to the people. Those who advance through the first round of the endorsement process will be interviewed by our evaluation committee. You will find the Citizen Alliance of Idaho’s candidate survey below. Blank or deferred answers will be evaluated in the negative. THIS SURVEY SHOULD TAKE AROUND 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. For privacy and disclosure notification, please see the bottom of this form.

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By checking this box, you acknowledge that Citizens Alliance of Idaho does not intend to share these survey results with the public. However, if you are elected to office and vote against the positions you described or otherwise act against the policy positions you represent in this survey and/or against The Pledge, Citizens Alliance of Idaho reserves the right to make your answers known.(Required)
By checking this box, you verify that this survey was filled out by you and to the best of your ability and with accuracy in regards to your positions.(Required)